Preconstruction Services

O'Neal leverages our extensive design and construction expertise to develop project definition, scope, cost, and schedule at the earliest phases of a project. Using preconstruction strategies, O'Neal can guarantee a cost and schedule for your project. Our comprehensive preconstruction services assist clients with project scope development, constructability reviews, value engineering, and preparation of construction costs. All of our construction cost estimates are prepared in-house by our professional estimators, and we supplement these estimates with pricing from either our subcontractor base or project specific, pre-qualified subcontractors.

Specific services and deliverables from our preconstruction group include:

  • Preliminary design documents
  • Constructability reviews
  • Project cost estimates for both equipment and construction
  • Project schedule 

Preconstruction can be performed quickly — typically in 8 weeks. For 1% to 3% of total project cost, O'Neal can guarantee a cost for projects of any size and scope. Cost can be guaranteed before project funding is established.

Preconstruction is one of the most valuable tools O'Neal can provide to our clients. Learn more about our Preconstruction Approach, Preconstruction Services, Preconstruction Success, or view our Preconstruction FAQs. Then contact O'Neal about your next project.